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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my case is dismissed or adjudication withheld, why do I need to have it sealed or expunged?

Although your case was dismissed or adjudication withheld, all the records of your arrest remain on County government sites, the Sheriff's Office booking information, the State and National Criminal History data base. The case and final disposition remains viewable by potential employers, landlords, or anyone who wishes to see.  Very often you will be judged by this record, no matter how minor the charge or final disposition.  The sealing or expungement of the case, requires all government sites to remove it from public view.

2. What are the requirements to get my record sealed or expunged?

Every State governs the process/guidelines to seal or expunge records independently.  Because of this we cannot make blanket statements as each case is unique and determined by the State Law where the record is.  All veterans are encouraged to submit a request for services and we will look into your situation and determine if relief is available.

3. What if I had a case dismissed or adjudication withheld, will I be eligible?

You can always look at the procedure and rules allowing sealing or expunging in the respective State, it is encouraged you consult an attorney as the laws and process can be complicated and difficult to navigate.  Of course we do not charge to access your situation if you are a qualifying veteran.

For Florida please see



If I am a veteran do I qualify for services?

If you are an honorably discharged veteran you qualify for our services.  If your discharge is anything other than honorable, general (under honoravble conditions), we will consider these on a case by case basis (at no cost of course).


How do I know this isn't another scam site wanting a application fee and then recievong no services or quoted a large fee for further assistance?

Look at our site.  We ask no credit card information or form of payment.  After you submit your information, you will be asked to complete a few documents for your case review, and again will not be asked for any payment information. 


Can you help me with an Article 15 or Court Martial Proceeding?

Unfortunatley those are considered federal issues and none of our Attorneys have the expierience to pursue such relief.  We suggest you contact your US Congress or Senate Represenative for answers.


It is implied some veterans may need to pay something towards this service, is it free?

If a veteran is qualified for our program, no cost to determine eligibility, if thier income is poverty level or under they pay nothing.  If a veteran is over the poverty level we ask them to pay the filing fee to the State of Florida, FDLE, ($75.00) and Clerk of Court Filing Fee, approximately ($80.00).  No checks will be issued to Expunge US Veterans or any of our partnering Attorneys.