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Did You Know?

Veteran population of the Tampa Bay area is approximately 678,000 or roughly 25%

Total Tampa Bay area population is approximately 2.5 million

Florida is seen as a veteran friendly state, having passed laws and incentives to attract the veteran population

Veteran unemployment is nearly double that of civilians hovering around 20%

2011 Civilian unemployment ages 18-24 was 14.9%

2011 Veteran unemployment ages 18-24 was 33.2%

The number one veteran arrest involves alcohol

25% of veterans returning from combat are arrested for minor crimes within weeks of returning home

The 6th and 13th Judicial Circuit Courts have recorded:
         • 2,417 sealed/expunged records in 2013
         • 2,860 sealed/expunged records in 2014
         • This is an increase of nearly 18%